One more Lake Party was completd. We were in a two - day festival Lake Party Trichonida that takes place in Lake Trichonida. We were recording and streaming for two days, 5 different bands and 2 DJ’s. both on facebook and youtube.

Some numbers and stuff: 2500kbps upload @ 720p ±30gb upload encoded by a teradek cube more than 20k live views about 2 TB of footage.
- 6x Sony PXW-X70
- 1x Canon XF100
- 1x GoPro with scaler
- 2x Hyperdeck Studio
- 1x BMD Production Studio 2 M/E
- 1x Teradek Bolt
- 1x Teradek Cube
- 1x Behringer Mixer
- 1x Behringer DEQ2496 1x 12m
- 3axis crane Backup Hyperdeck & Video Mixer was available and wired during the show Double editing
- M/E 1 for the live streaming and recording and M/E 2 for the ledwall. Ledwall also got feed with graphs and clips from Resolume by an APC40 MKii. We used more that 500m of SDI cables, several monitors and sdi to hdmi converters. Satellite internet @5Mbit upload (used only 2,5 for streaming). It took about 6 hours to build that setup